Different types of solar panels

Solar panel is the best way to decreases the electricity bills and to give electric power to those areas where there is no source of electric power. Solar systems have been improved with time and new type of solar system is being made with more efficiency in performance and with more benefits. Solar panels collected power from sunlight and use it to provide electricity to houses, buildings and many other places. The market of solar systems has increased with time and now there are many brands available in the market. There are three main types of solar systems available in the market, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film solar panels. Each one is different from the other because of the purity of the material. Monocrystalline, polycrystalline are same but have small differences but thin film is a totally different type of solar panel.

Different types of solar panels


This type of solar panel is made of the purest silicon cells. They are efficient in their performance and are solid which increase their life. The bad part about them is they have highest rate but that is a small problem comparing to their effectiveness. These panels have rounded angles and dark colors.


These panels have square-cut solar cells and blue, speckled color which make it easy to differentiate them from monocrystalline panels. Making these panels is less expensive because they are being made by melting raw silicon. This process is cheaper and takes less time. These panels are a little less space efficient and strong.

Thin Film

These panels require very less material for the production and because of that, they are cheapest in price. These are flexible panel and because of that, they are very popular. These panels can work with very less temperature. However, solar systems made by these panels tale too much space. These panels also have short life but are useful for places like farmhouses and other bigger commercial properties.

Flexible portable solar panels

There are some portal flexible panels too. These panels have been made to provide power on boats, vehicles, caravans and other places where there is no other source of power. People go for camping to forest and mountains and these places do not have electric power sources. These panels are made of very thin material. It is lightweight and foldable. Some panels can be bending more than other panels. Their qualities make them easier to carry and they can be folded enough to pack in a bag. If someone wants to purchase these panels for boats or cabins, they can go for Sunpower flexible solar panel. The best part about these products is its ability to resist the water. It is important to keep these panels clean not all the time but they are not totally water resistance so washing is an option. These panels need to be cleaned with clean and soft cloth. These panels can charge laptops, mobile phones all the other gadgets as well as marine batteries. Flexible solar panels are getting better and better in their performance and durability with time.